Designing of private gardens is a form of art, which requires deep knowledge in many different fields. From the 'driest' technicality through inner vision and realization of ideas, and all the way to creating a deep connection with our clients, in order to reach the widest and most accurate understanding of your needs.

When designing a private garden many details must be taken into account. The final design which the work plan is based on must be as firm as possible, yet flexible enough to change in the light of new ideas that might be revealed while working on site.

Design Details:

We offer this partial list of the basic garden-design details needed for creating a solid plan:

  • A wide understanding of your needs – based on your vision of the garden.
  • The needs the garden must answer – from aesthetic needs to fruit and vegetables, etc'.
  • Basic technicalities – garden size, limiting factors, existing elements, slopes, etc'.
  • Your budget – the overall budget, and understanding the limitations for creating the plan
  • Major elements – including water fountains, roads, trees, benches and construction (decks, gazebo etc'.), pools, ponds, rockeries.
  • Smallest details – a full and precise list of flowers, herbs, bushes, trees and elements desired and required to fully meet your needs.
  • Time frame – The work time-frame, based on all of these elements and more, as well as on your approval of the plan.

This list is the basic planning route which ensures the garden plan and construction will allow the perfect encounter between your vision and reality, as we aim at giving life to your dream.