Making the right material choices is a crucial step in making a solid plan. The wide variety of materials available for use in modern times is shockingly large, and finding the perfect material blend for your garden is like adding the exact right amounts and types of spices and herbs to your dish, making a gourmet meal.

Material Planning for Garden Design:

Flora - humans have been cultivating plants since the beginning of culture, and today there are literally thousands of plants for our choice to create a perfect garden. Matching the right plants to your garden requires a full understanding of you needs, as well as the climate in your region.

While choosing the right plants, we aim at matching the plants of your choice with the color schemes we desire, the different blossom time for each variety, the size, growing time, prices and availability, as to remain within the limits of our budget, while not compromising on quality and perfect match-making.

Rock Garden and Rock Cover – Rockeries are a game of aesthetics and concepts, offering games of shade and color, shape and size, helping to bring more dimensions into the garden design. Choosing the right rocks for your garden can be a very important step, as rocks, and especially larger ones, have the ability to create a strong atmosphere around it, giving your garden strong noticeable characteristics. Rock covers are also a very efficient tool in designing a beautiful garden. These stones come in different sizes and shapes, as stepping stones or wall covers, creating a solid natural look, and a special sensation even in the smallest gardens.

Garden illumination – using a smart lighting system your garden can become a spectacular space.

The correct setting of the different lights, including color-lights, underwater lights, spots and more, is an important part of your garden plan, and should not be taken lightly.