Planning, designing and building your garden is our pleasure and love. We thrive on the constant fulfillment of our dreams – creating beautiful aesthetic gardens for our clients, matching our love with your vision and needs.

Once the garden is done, and you are 100% satisfied, it is time to remember that maintaining your garden at its peak is an ongoing work of maintenance, done with love. You will receive two months of maintenance immediately following the end of the building project, and our professionals will make sure that the garden is working in its optimal state, according to plan.

Ongoing maintenance

While still in the period of 2 months maintenance, we make sure all is well, following, changing, adjusting and even replacing plants in case of need. Once this period is over, we strongly advise you to take one of our maintenance plans into consideration.

We provide full maintenance services, ensuring your garden is giving you all that it can throughout the year.

Our maintenance includes inspections of plants and other elements, fixing, changing and following all changes in the garden.

What needs to be taken care of?

All of the elements in the home or rooftop garden require the occasional inspection, each element according to its needs. As living organisms, all plants require some attention and care.

Water elements such as fountains and ponds require care and maintenance, making sure it functions well, and your pergola and deck need the occasional seasonal care to make sure it is safe for the following wet or dry season.

Maintenance is an ongoing work, and it is important to acknowledge its necessity for a beautiful, healthy successful garden. By keeping your garden under regular maintenance control you prevent damages in advance, avoiding spending extra money on changing and fixing different elements in the future.