Professional Landscape Design

The stages of building your garden

We at decoratedgreen are in contact with all of our clients from the first phone call and on, long after the garden is completely done, to ensure your satisfaction over the years.

Here are the different stages involving the building of your new garden:
First meeting - we meet, tour the location, and create a thorough list including all of your desires, needs, preferences, and limitations, to create the basic framework that will guide us in planning your dream garden.
Planning - We take measurements, and get to the sketching table designing the basic garden plan, including all elements we discussed in the first meeting, for your approval.
Meticulous design - After all loose ends are tied and you approve the basic plan, we begin our work designing your dream garden to its smallest and finest details.
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All of our work is done with love and care, and offers a constant follow up and a maintenance plane to keep your garden at its peak at all times.

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